David A. Vasseur

Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Yale University

david.vasseur <at> yale.edu

Curriculum Vitae

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BSc. University of Guelph, Canada (1999)
MSc. University of Guelph, Canada (2002)
Ph.D McGill University, Canada (2006)
Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Calgary, Canada (2006-2008)


I am a theoretical ecologist addressing fundamental questions in community ecology by developing new mathematical theory, conducting simple lab-based experiments, and analyzing long-term data.  The questions I address are motivated by a desire to mechanistically define the processes underlying population and community dynamics in aquatic systems. For more details see my research.


In the fall I teach General Ecology (EEB 220a/520a EVST 223a) – The theory and practice of ecology, including the ecology of individuals, population dynamics and regulation, community structure, ecosystem function, and ecological interactions at broad spatial and temporal scales.

In the spring I teach a graduate seminar.  Past seminars have included Quantitative Methods in Ecology and Evolution, Fundamental Readings in Ecology, and Time-series Analysis


I am an associate editor at American Naturalist and Ecology and Evolution