Carling Bieg

Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Yale University

carling.bieg <at>

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BSc. University of Guelph, Canada (2013)
MSc. University of Guelph, Canada (2016)
Ph.D University of Guelph, Canada (2022)
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Yale University, (2022-present)


I am a theoretical ecologist who studies the links between global change and food web structure and functioning. I use general theory to develop a fundamental understanding of food web dynamics and use empirical examples from various ecosystem types to link this theory to critical problems in today’s changing world. I am particularly interested in the feedbacks between ecosystems and various axes of global change, such as the the interactions between multiple anthropogenic stressors, environmental variation, and their combined effects on ecosystem functioning. My past research has ranged from socio-economic harvesting dynamics to addressing fundamental questions in ecology in the context of a changing world. For more info, please feel free to visit my personal website.

Here at Yale, I am developing theory to understand how physiological responses of different (& changing) temperature and nutrient regimes in phytoplankton scale up to population dynamics and community structure. This theory integrates recent empirical advances in the understanding of temperature-dependent nutrient uptake at the cellular level with mathematical theory on population dynamics and food web interactions. The goal of this is to better understand how aquatic community structure (e.g., trophic biomass distribution) and stability may be altered under global change. This work has important implications for biodiversity, ecosystem resilience, and global carbon cycling, and is linked to the Yale Centre for Natural Carbon Capture