The demonstrations below use Wolfram’s Computable Document Format (.cdf).  These files will open and allow interactivity with your web browser provided that you have installed the Wolfram CDF player plugin.

Course-Related Content

Demonstration of the “cobwebbing” technique for analyzing the dynamics of discrete-time population models. This demonstration uses the Discrete time logistic equation also known as the logistic map.  
A numerical simulation of four Stochastic Patch Occupancy Models (SPOMs) of metapopulations.
Phase-plane analysis of Lotka-Volterra competition.  User can dynamically set parameter values and select initial conditions by pointing to locations in the phase-plane.
Phase-plane analysis of Predator-Prey dynamics.  User can dynamically set parameter values and initial conditions.  Options include exponential and logistic prey growth and Type I, II, and III functional responses. 

Research-Related Content

Demonstration of the role of Jensen’s Inequality for estimating long term fitness in a thermally varying environment.  This interactive notebook allows users to investigate the parameters of a Thermal Performance Curve along with those of a Normal Distribution of temperature.
Demonstration of Neighbor Dependent Selection - a mechanism whereby coexistence between two competing species can be maintained by continual selection to maximize fitness in one of those competitors.  See Vasseur et al. 2011 (Am. Nat.) for details.
Demonstration of overyielding in a competitive community in which predators are spatially heterogeneous.  See Weis and Vasseur (Oikos) in press.